Cooper Finlay – Over 60’s vs NSW

QVC Cricket Competition

Cooper Finlay – Over 60’s vs NSW

This is a request for those who are interested in playing in the annual competition against NSW, on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 March, 2022.

I am collecting the Over 60 names of players who are interested. This will be for players who are turning 60 to 69 next year. If you are turning 70 or older please do not forward me your name.
For those in the over 60 age bracket, please forward me your interest with the following information:
.Region you play for:
.Division you play in:

There should be up to 8 over 60 teams with 4 divisions of 2 teams in each divisions.

Teams will be selected by the end of the first week of March next year. Hopefully there will be some practice games. However, if not there will be both intra and inter regional games along with ongoing practice.

I look forward to hearing from all the interested Over 60’s for 2022 Cooper Finlay.

Ross Adams

Cooper Finlay 2022 o50s
Over 50s will also be competing in Cooper Finlay at the Gold Coast next year.
All regions are asked to send details of those players wishing to participate.
Next year is shaping up as a big year in Veterans cricket, and this is the first representative event of the year..