Mike Nowlan – Make a chance to talk

JULY 4 was No Talk Day on the 43 Radio Triple M stations across Australia.
From 6am to 6pm there were no normal programs, just mental health for men.
It is wonderful to see a business such as Triple M opening up publicly on such a scale on an agenda that should be front and centre for everyone. This must surely have given courage to many people to open up about their mental issues.

In April I gave an address to the Lockyer Chamber of Commerce bi-monthly breakfast on suicide and the male unwillingness to deal constructively with these issues. I am told that the discussion and feedback afterwards was quite considerable.
This month I gave an address to the Catholic men’s day barbecue at St Patrick’s Hall on the same topic. It was so pleasing to see the change of attitude of so many about suicide, and the willingness to embrace discussion. Last week I was invited to address the staff of a Laidley business on mental health in the workplace. The information led to positive discussion with encouraging feedback.
As a community, we need to be open, encouraging and supportive of those who possibly have some issues.
Remember, it is not what goes wrong in your life that matters. What counts is what you do about it.

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