Changing of the SCC Guard

Sunshine Coast Veterans Cricket has entered a new era, following their recent AGM. Gary Madsen, the go to man for all things cricket on the Coast has decided to step away from any leadership roles moving forward into next season.

Members have realised that Gary’s knowledge and experience was irreplaceable, and therefore have voted to replace Gary with a team of 5. The new Committee consists of

  1. John Bourke as Regional Coordinator,
  2. Peter Wright as the assistant R/C,
  3. Barry Anderson as Operations Manager,
  4. Ross Madsen as Registrar and
  5. Michael Rattenbury as Finance Manager.

Gary will not be lost to cricket as he has made it very clear he is keen to continue as a player with us up here. We members all extend the biggest of thankyou to Gary for his past involvement and we wish him every success with both bat and ball as the next season unfolds.

John Bourke


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