September, 2018


Subject: The Changing Landscape of Veterans Cricket (VC)

Dear Colleagues,

I thought it was timely to share some perspectives about the growth of VC that are influencing the QVC Management Committee decision making now and into the future.

I will first deal with the issue of ‘participation’ which is a key foundation for VC to provide opportunity for players to participate in cricket while catering for a broad range of abilities. At a QVC we currently provide opportunity with our regional competition comprising 2 x Divisions, Cooper-Findlay Cup with multiple age groups and divisions and the Sunshine Carnival. As part of the new QVC Strategy Plan we are planning to conduct annual interstate tours and possibly every 2 x years an international tour open to all members. The emphasis of these tours will be more on ‘cricket tourism’ not competition.

There is also demand for VC to provide opportunity for some players who want the challenge of the higher performance end of cricket. I believe this is achieved through selection to play at the international level of competition and tours. An important factor of selection to this level is performance at National Championships, particularly in Div 1 & 2. National Championships have the challenge of providing opportunity for ‘participation’ across a broad range of abilities on one hand and strong competition at the higher performance level at the other end within an atmosphere where some State honour is at stake! After all in Australia, any national level competition will generate rivalry, in the case of VC we hope ‘friendly’ rivalry!?

The challenge VC now faces with growth is managing player expectations, particularly in relation to National Champs. In previous years all players who have nominated could expect to be placed in an appropriate team. Unfortunately, this can no longer be guaranteed with more players available to nominate than team positions available. The reality is there will always be limitations on the number of teams each state can send to National Champs to keep these tournaments manageable. This means that as our QVC numbers grow, more players will experience the disappointment of not ‘making the cut’. It is the same in other states. We will always push for QLD to have extra teams but there can be no guarantees! In the future with increased numbers, VCA may consider introducing O55s, O65s & O75s to offer more opportunities.

At the higher performance end of participation, you may recall my message earlier in the year drawing attention to the QVC Management Committee decision that selection policy for National Champ teams would be based on ‘merit’. In applying this policy, the focus is more (but not totally!) about building the strongest teams to represent the State than providing individuals the opportunity to participate. This meant that any O70s who made themselves available could be considered for selection in O60s Champs, particularly in Div 1 &2.

I can understand there will be disappointment for those not selected, I have experienced that myself many times during my career!? I can only assure all those players that the Committee is doing everything to ensure there are plenty of opportunities to play this great game going forward. I will certainly endeavour to provide more updates about growth and changes into the future to better manage the expectations of our membership.

Keith Christiansen
QVC President
PH:0417 896 116

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