Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the QVC Management Committee I would like to advise the various Age Group Selectors for 2018 elected at the Management Committee meeting held on 23 Feb 18.

Over 50’s
Andrew Knight (Age Delegate and Chair with casting vote if required)
Geoff Doyle
Ken McNight
Brad Murphy

Over 60’s
Ross Adams (Age Delegate and Chair with selection vote)
Peter Timms
Rod Rice

Over 70’s
Ian Petherick (Age Delegate and Chair with selection vote)
John Stackpoole
Gill Chapman

– QVC President or nominated proxy, will have a casting vote in O60s & O 70’s where the Age Delegate/Chair is a voting selector.
– QVC President can appoint an appropriate interim selector to cover an absentee if required.

I would like to congratulate the new selectors and thank all the nominees for their support. The selectors have an important job to undertake and I call on everyone to cooperate and support them in this process. In turn, I have asked all the selectors to to be diligent, consult widely in their considerations and communicate clearly to avoid confusion.

Please note that the Management Committee has agreed to alter the By Laws (Roles) to reflect the following in regard to the selection process:
* Age Delegate is Chair of Selectors, having the option to nominate and be automatically appointed as a selector or just have the casting vote role of a Chair if required.
* As per the two NOTE points outlined above

The Management Committee also agreed that:
* Consideration be given to having balance of selectors across regions if possible, and
* For national championships selection will be based on having our best possible teams representing QVC which means if there are two teams in one Division we will select an A and B side.

Keith Christiansen
QVC President

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