Guidelines & Responsibilities for Regional Co-ordinators & Assistant Co-ordinators – 2018.



Aspect/Issue Details
1. TEAM. 1.         Regional selection committee selects team as per the QVC playing schedule for Division 1 & 2 games.

2.         Advise QVC Operations Manager as early as possible if team numbers for games are an issue after consulting with other appropriate Regional Co- ordinators for making up shortages.

3.         Advise players of team selected, venue, times, costs etc.

2. VENUE. 4.         Ensure venue is fit for play. If rain affected advise the QVC Operations Manager ASAP if venue becomes, or may be unplayable. Also advise,umpires, opposition Regional Coordinator, and own players.

5.         Boundaries are to be set at 55m for QVC matches.

6.         Arrange lunches for each game. Subway is usually used for ease & costs when the host club does not arrange. (Ask for the Seniors Discount)

7.           Ensure cold water and cups are supplied for drinks breaks.

8.         Man of Match awards. A quantity of stubby coolers with the QVC logo has been arranged and supplies will be distributed to the Regional Coordinators. The coolers have provision to write on the winners’ name,

etc. (One awarded to each team by opposition Captain).

3. QVC REGISTRAR CONTACT. 9.         For Insurance purposes, Regional Co-ordinator must ensure all player details are entered on My Cricket before playing a match.

10.    Advise QVC Registrar of team lists prior to commencement of season to ensure My Cricket squads can be entered for player and match data entry.

11.    Prior to playing a match, Regional Co-ordinator must advise QVC Registrar on new player details so that the Master List and My Cricket and be updated.

12.    Advise Registrar of a My Cricket/Data Entry officer for each team. All results are to be entered into My Cricket within 48 hours of the

conclusion of a match (Fixtures only.)

4. FEES. 13.           Collect match fees for each game. A Match Payment ‘template’ is available if required.

14.           Collect annual fee for new players.

15.           Bank any monies from games to QVC bank account. Details: Deposit funds in the following account: Queensland Seniors Cricket Inc.

Bendigo Bank, Gympie.

BSB 633 000 Account No. 145942322.

Make notation on Transfer: eg Lockyer 26 Feb.


16.           Email details of payment and teams to Treasurer:





17.           Advise QVC treasurer of breakup of income/expenditure for each game. (An ‘Income/Expenditure’ spread sheet is available if required.

18.           Match fees, will be $35 a game.

19.           Pay for any costs on day, lunches, umpires, wickets.

20.           Annual fees are $50, to be paid, generally when player plays first game, any exception to this to be with the approval of the QVC committee on

an individual basis.

5. UMPIRES. 21. Home Regional Co-ordinators are responsible to pay umpires as follows for 2018 season. Sunshine Coast Umpires- $100 each for 2 umpires or

$120 if only 1 umpire; all other umpires- $85 each for 2 umpires or $120 if only 1 umpire. (QVC policy prefers 2 umpires for all matches.)

6. SUPPORT 22.           Every effort should be made to recruit a scorer for each team.

23.           Regional Coordinators are requested to act as player welfare officers in their regions and bring to the Committee’s attention any situations where players in their regions are suffering from illness, distress or family bereavements so that appropriate action can be taken to support the

player if needed.



Adopted 6/04/2018

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