Strategic Plan 2019 -2022

QVC Strategic Plan

Vision:                                               Cricket- a Sport for Life


Mission: Enabling our members to embrace the spirit of cricket in a competitive, social and healthy environment.

Values: Sportsmanship Promoting relationships Opportunity for All Respect

Total enjoyment



1. Maximize opportunities for all to participate.

  1. Promote physical, social and emotional well being in a positive safe
  2. Provide good
  3. Grow investment in Veterans Cricket.

Goals Strategies Strategy Execution Accountability
Goal 1: Inclusion and participation 1.  Develop additional events based on-

·        Abilities

·        Age profiles

·        Social cricket

2.  Expand into country regions beyond Sth QLD

3.  Develop participation of females in both single and mixed gender teams.

4.  Develop participation from non-players including umpires, scorers, managers and partners

1.      Expand range of playing opportunities:

a.      Regional online sign-up mixed T20 games.

b.      Selected regional O70s games.

c.      Annual QVC tour interstate or international.

2.      Expand beyond STH QLD:

a.      Introduce QVC promotional country tour

b.      In conjunction with QLD Country Cricket establish veterans cricket competitions in country regions.

c.      Develop annual state-wide championship finals

3.      Establish QVC Womens Masters (O40s +) Cricket:

a.      Include women masters as part of QVC

b.      Establish opportunities for individuals, mixed gender teams and QLD Teams for proposed National Champs.

4.      Non-player participation:

a.      Establish QVC Umpire Panel in conjunction with QC Umpire Coordinator??

b.      Encourage supporter involvement as team scorers, managers, medical support, and QVC Management Committee members.

1.      Conduct in 2019-20

a.      Pilot online signup T20.

b.      QVC interstate tour.

c.      Selected O70s games at regional level.

2.      Conduct in 2019-20

a.      Promotional country tour.

b.      Establish QVC Coordinator in country regions through QLD Country Cricket.

c.      Develop country regional teams to play in Regional Champ Finals 2020.

3. In 2019-20:

a.      Promote inclusion of Womens Masters (O40) into QVC.

b.      Conduct promotional games (Pink Stumps) with single & mixed gender teams.

c.      Develop QVC Womens team for National Champ in 2020.

4. In 2019-20

a.      QVC Umpire Panel established.

b.      All National Champ teams with scorer and manager.

c.      At least one non-player QVC Committee member.

Goal 2: Physical, Social and Emotional Wellbeing Develop actions to promote wellbeing based on the following key activity groups:

1. Connect

1.      Connect:

a.      Regular QVC Newsletter covering what’s happening and promoting wellbeing.

b.      Regular stories in local media.

1.      Implement and maintain in 2019-20:

a.      Regular QVC Newsletter

b.      Local media stories at state and regional levels.

Goals Strategies Strategy Execution Accountability
2.      Be healthy and active

3.      Take notice

4.      Keep learning

5.      Give

c.      Regular QVC Committee communications with players.

d.      Opportunity for Family Days and more playing venue activities.

e.      Opportunity for grandparents/grandchildren games.

f.       Establish QVC as a recognized local community organization.

2.      Be healthy and active:

a.      Match day focus on player health and safety support.

b.      Focused wellbeing articles in newsletters and QVC website.

c.      Develop QVC mental health & welfare support system

3.      Take Notice:

a.      Promote a ‘mindfulness, are you ok’ culture amongst player group.

b.      Be aware of players’ family support requirements

c.      Acknowledge and celebrate achievements of all.

d.      Embrace and maintain the ‘spirit of veterans cricket’.

4.      Keep Learning:

a.      Identify opportunities for online and face to face learning for both cricket related and general wellbeing topics.

c.      QVC Committee member updates on match days.

d.      Within regions, establish local community connections outside cricket.

e.      Develop ideas for other activities.

2.      Implement and maintain in 2019-20:

a.      Warmup & stretching routine for all on match day.

b.      Soft tissue injury support services at key tournaments.

c.      Club ‘Care Bearer’ concept at regional level for mental health and welfare support.

3.      Implement and maintain in 2019-20:

a.      Mindfulness, are you ok campaign.

b.      Achievements acknowledged and celebrated

c.      Spirit of Veterans Cricket measured by player enjoyment and zero misconduct matters.

4.         Implement and maintain in 2019-20:

a.      Opportunities for players and supporters to learn e-scoring.

b.      Identify and support opportunities for relevant wellbeing courses.

5.      Implement and maintain in 2019-20:

a.      Regional level links to local

clubs and junior cricket

5.      Give

a.      Establish link to local junior cricket for QVC

players as roll model and mentors.

Goals Strategies Strategy Execution Accountability
b.      Organised annual support for priority charity groups at QVC level and local community charities at regional level.

c.      Identify opportunities to utilize available veteran players to support local cricket clubs.

d.      Identify opportunities for local community groups to be involved on match day eg. Charity BBQ or spectators from a local aged- care facility.

b.      Organised QVC level and regional support to priority charities.

c.      Opportunities for local community groups at match day events.

Goal 3:

Good Governance for Sustainable Growth

1.      QVC recognised as the state organization for veterans cricket and an integral part of Queensland Cricket.

2.      Strong state-wide Association of club and regions.

3.      Evolving QVC management structure to meet organizational growth demands.

4.      Meet compliance demands from VCA,CA, QC and relevant regulatory bodies.

1.      Continue to build & maintain close links with QC.

2.      Continue to build & maintain closer links with QLD Regional Associations.

3.      Develop and implement strong communication and branding strategy for internal and external stakeholders.

4.      Strengthen QVC Management Committee capability with broad representation and diversity to meet changing demands

5.      Benchmark and maintain organisational strength and compliance requirements against industry recognised standards and advised by QC.

In 2019-20:

1.      Achieve Full Delegate status with QLD Cricket.

2.      Establish QVC Regional Coordinators in Regional Associations.

3.      Develop and implement QVC Communication Plan utilizing QC Media Officer, Local media outlets, QVC Website, QVC Facebook and speaking opportunities at local community organisations.

4.      Continued QVC Management Committee structure and procedural development including succession planning for key Committee positions.

5.      Complete Club Health Check and review in conjunction with QC.

Goal 4:

Grow investment in Veterans Cricket

1. Ensure sustainable fiscal stability while maintaining reasonable level of member playing costs. 1.      Set annual spending priorities for QVC Investment Funds for growth

2.      Seek out funding and non-funding opportunities through QC and VCA.

1.      Spending Priorities for 2019-20:

a.      Seed money for growth into new regions.

b.      Purchase team helmets

Goals Strategies Strategy Execution Accountability
2.     Secure grant funds and sponsorship levels to subsidise match day costs and further investment in growth. 3.      Source sponsorship funds to support regional and state level events.

4.      Market our organization to the broader community.

c.      QVC Branding & promotions

d.      Part-time Admin staff in 2020

e.      Reserve funds – $5k

2.      Sponsorship targets for 2019-20:

a.      State Championship (Regional Comp)- >50%

b.      Sunshine Carnival – >50%

c.      O60s National Champs 2020 –


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