QVC President’s Update Jun 2018

Dear Colleagues,
I thought it was very timely to update you with a number of important issues and
developments for Veterans Cricket.

Regional Competition
Our playing season is well underway with 3 x rounds of our regional competition now
completed. There is some really good cricket being played reflecting the increased
strength as we grow. I am aware that our strong numbers, particularly some n Div2
teams, means that some players are missing out playing each round! We will certainly
improve this situation next year with additional teams. In the meantime, Regional
Coordinators will try to share the games around amongst the player pool, including the
opportunity to help out other regions. I certainly encourage regions to look for
opportunities to organize separate ‘friendly’ games outside the normal scheduled

Sunshine Carnival – Mackay – 04-10 Aug 2018
Queensland will be providing 4 x teams for Mackay including: 2 x Sunshine Coast,
Lockyer/Gold Coast and Brisbane/Redlands. We would certainly encourage a few more
players to join-in as we have the bare minimum at this stage. There will always be
some late withdrawals and then injuries at the carnival. Please contact your respective
Regional Coordinator and Operations Manager – Phil Lambert (Mob: 0403 893 990) if
you are interested.

Queensland Cricket (QC)
A priority this year is to strengthen our relationship with QC, the governing body of
cricket in the state. We have a flying start with one of our playing colleagues, John Salter
being on the Board of QC. John has already provided valuable support at the National
and State level in building relationships with key staff in those governing bodies. Last
Friday (25/5) we held our Committee meeting at QC HQ, Albion and had the CEO Max
Walters join us for the first half hour. He is very supportive of the veterans cricket cause
and willing to help where necessary. At this stage, QVC is an affiliate organization of QC,
which allows us to attend QC meetings with no voting rights. With support from John
Salter and Max Walters we intend to apply for full delegate status at the next QC AGM in
Sep 18. I will keep you posted on this matter.
We have also been invited to provide a QVC report as part of the QC 2017-18 Season
Annual Report. It will be available on the QC website once released.

Code of Behaviour
With increased status as part of QC, we will need to strengthen some of our policy and
procedures. The Committee is now working on these matters including a Code of
Behaviour and Disciplinary process. We will be adapting the CA and QC Codes and
procedures to suit our requirements. I will provide further details on this in the near
future. In outline, we will appoint 3 x Commissioners (already identified) to investigate
and rule on disciplinary matters and establish an appeal panel comprising a member
from each region.

National Championships Selection Policy
The Committee has considered the need to provide clear policy to Age Delegates and
their respective selectors for the upcoming National Championships. The view of the
Committee is that National Championships are about competition and some state ‘glory’.
The championships allow for maximum participation by having multiple divisions that
for players across a range of capabilities. As a result, a policy of selection by
‘merit’ has now been agreed. In general, this means we select the strongest teams from
the available players in each Division. Where we have multiple teams in a single
Division the teams will still be graded with strongest No1 and so on.

Helmets Policy 2019-20 Season
If you are not already aware, CA policy requires the compulsory wearing of helmets
from the beginning of the 2019-20 Season. Veterans Cricket Australia is currently
investigation with CA if there can be any relaxations for veterans and will advise us once
confirmed. This matter is being driven by insurance, safety and duty of care
requirements. It is still over a year away so it would be wise to start practicing in the
nets with a helmet (as I am) in anticipation that there is no relaxation for us veterans.
We will look at getting some helmet discounts from local suppliers to alleviate some cost
if required.

QVC Strategy Planning for the Future
With the growth of QVC we are now in a good financial position with funds accumulated
during the past five years and more growth on the horizon to plan our future for the
next 3-5 years. We are planning to hold a strategy planning day at CA HQ, Albion in
mid July 2018 (date to be confirmed shortly). Your respective Regional Coordinator or
representative will be invited to attend to present your ideas for the future. Please take
the opportunity now to discuss these ideas with your respective Coordinator and, or
forward to me personally via email. John Salter is looking at inviting representatives
from the northern regions of the state as growth into those areas will be a important
part of our growth strategy.

The Spirit of Veterans Cricket
Unfortunately, this year we have had a few incidents of ‘ugly’ outbursts involving bad
language to other players, umpires and sideline supporters. Generally, this is just
unnecessary and bad behaviour in any level of cricket and totally at odds with what we
recogise as the Spirit of Veterans Cricket! Those involved have been dealt with
separately. I should state that it is not a major problem, BUT in Veterans Cricket there
should be NO misbehaviour on or off the field!
In my recent discussions with senior managers of CA and QC it is clear that Veterans
Cricket can be a ‘shining light’ and role model for younger cricketers at all levels at a
time when cricket is struggling with ‘how the game should be played’!? These officials
are keen to look at ways veteran players can be more involved in modeling good cricket
spirit. I take this very seriously! Please, bring your good spirit and fun to the game and
respect to all!

Ipswich Region Progress
Well done to the Ipswich team who have now grown their player numbers to about 16
with the season not even half over. Thanks to everyone from other regions who hasve
been supporting the growth of the team . Maybe next season they will have enough for
a Div 2 team!?

Good cricketing and friendships,
Keith Christiansen
QVC President


Dear QVC Colleagues,
I would like to thank all those members who attended the AGM/GM last Sun (04 Feb) despite the cricket matches on the same day being cancelled. We had a great turnout to support these important meetings. The following QVC Management Committee positions were confirmed on the day:
Patron: Lew Cooper
President: Keith Christiansen
Vice-President: Rod Rice
Secretary: Ross Chapman
Treasurer: John Stackpoole
Registrar: Ross Madsen
O50s Age Delegate: Andrew Knight
O60s Age Delegate: Ross Adams
O70s Age Delegate: Ian Petherick
Operations Manager: vacant – contact me if you are interested in role.
Selectors for each age group: To be confirmed at next Management Committee Meeting on 23 Feb. Congratulations to all those new members of the Management Committee!

A special thanks was made at the meetings to recognise the major contributions made by both Kerry Emery as President and Gill Chapman as Operations Manager who have now stepped aside from those positions.

Unfortunately, our Pink Stumps Day was also effected by the match cancellation so we have decided to transfer the day to our next games scheduled for Sun 25 Feb at Ipswich. You can still make separate donations through our online link as follows:

I would also like to take this opportunity to advise you of players selected in the QLD O70s Team to play the touring UK Team on Mon 12 Mar at Caloundra in a day/night format. Congratulations to all those selected:
Gary Madsen Captain
Nev Kratzmann V-C
Kerry Allen
George Blazak
John Deighton
Lex Farquharson
Jim Griffin
Brian Kratzmann
Des McKeever
Les Price
Ross Towner
John Williams

Col Hawken
Darryl Stewart
Dave Walton

Available if required
Tim Bevan
Ray Tiley

If you have some spare time on the day/evening please support our team at Caloundra!

Don’t forget there has been a change to our QVC website address, now: Thanks to John Norden and Greg Searle there is uptodate information on many of our major upcoming events so please keep checking this site. Of note, we have the ‘Winter’ Carnival being held at Mackay in Aug18 so you need to think about your availability for that event. Teams are being organised now so Regional Coordinators will be calling for nominations shortly if not already. Sunshine Coast have already nominated one team.

On a personal note, I am looking forward to my time as QVC President. It will be a ‘hard act to follow’ after Kerry! Notwithstanding, Kerry and Gill and others have established strong foundations for us to go forward. I am very confident that I will be well supported in the role by a strong management committee and the broader membership. Please feel free to contact me or a committee member with your ideas or concerns.

Best regards
Keith Christiansen
QLD Veterans Cricket


Dear Qld Veterans Cricketers,

Welcome to this update which will outline some of the key events ahead in 2018. Please note them in your Diary.

By the way, how good were our Cricketers in retaining the little urn at the WACA?



1. Special Announcement: Congratulations to Ian Petherick, Colin Cooke, John Stackpoole who were named in the Australian Over 70’s team to play against the Touring UK Over 70’s in March 2018. Brian Kratzmann and Andy Farley have been named as standby players for ODI’s 3, 4, 5.

Full team details:
Arthur Pritchard (Capt), Ian Petherick (VCapt), Cuthbert Berenger, Colin Cooke, Roger Edmund, John Fryer, Greg Johnson, Ron Kasputtis, Ron Lovel, Wavell McPherson, Tim Spear, John Stackpoole, Trevor Stephens
ODIs 3, 4 and 5: Robin COURT, Andrew FARLEY, Brian KRATZMANN, Phil SMITH

2. 04 February 2018 – Annual General Meeting and Trial Day 1.
The AGM for Qld Veterans cricket will be held on the 4th Feb at Maroochydore Cricket Club commencing at 8.30 am. The meeting will be followed immediately by the first Trial matches for Cooper Finlay 2018. We have scheduled 4 trial matches for this day which will also feature a promotion for Pink Stumps Day and Breast Cancer. In addition we have invited some of the State’s top women cricketers to join our teams. It is anticipated that each team will have 2 women playing for them. QVC will host the Women Cricketers on this Day. We have committed to raising funds for Breast Cancer so a great turn out by members would be appreciated.
Note 1: The format will include 3 over 60’s matches and 1 over 70’s match.
Note 2: The teams will be selected for these matches, not Regional Teams
Note 3: Please advise your Regional Coordinators asap if you are available.

3. 25 February 2018 – Trial Day 2.
It has been confirmed that Trial Day 2 matches will be held at Ivor Marsden Fields at Ipswich. Mr Bruce Raleigh the President, has made 4 fields available for this day. Again we would like all Cooper Finlay players to participate. It appears that Ipswich will have sufficient numbers to make a team and given that this will probably be their first match, we will try to keep them together as a team.
Note 1: The format will include 3 over 60’s matches and 1 over 70’s match.
Note 2: The teams will be selected for these matches, not Regional Teams except Ipswich.
Note 3. Please advise your Regional Coordinators asap if you are available.

4. Cooper Finlay 19th and 20th March 2018 Coffs Harbour.
It’s on again………….the annual COOPER – FINLAY State of Origin Challenge – QLD V NSW!!!!!
In 2018 the challenge will be held in Coffs Harbour on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th March. The Blues will be out to get us after their comprehensive defeat at Redlands earlier this year. We will require in excess of a hundred players so your support of this important event would be appreciated.
Note 1. The format will include Div 1, Div 2, and Div 3 City & Country Teams – 6 teams in all and Over 70’s City and Country Teams.
Note 2. Please advise your Regional Coordinators asap if you are available.

5. Separate memos will be issued early in 2018 to provide greater details about each of the above events.

6. 2018 Regional Calendar:
At the time of preparing this update the Regional Calendar is currently being finalised. It is expected that the Calendar will be approved at the January MC meeting and then released to members. Our thanks go to Ross Madsen and Gill Chapman for putting in a lot of time preparing this document. Thanks also to the Regional and Assistant Coordinators for providing feedback. Discussions are continuing.

7. Dates to be noted:
Over 50’s championships will be held in Orange NSW from 29 March to 02 April 2018.
Over 70’s National Championships will be held on the Sunshine Coast from 12 – 18 September 2018.
Over 60’s Championships will be held in Penrith NSW from 11th – 15th November 2018.
Over 60’s Sunshine Carnival, Mackay Sunday 05 – Thursday 09 August 2018.
8. Thank you from QVC.
Gill has advised that he will not be continuing in his role in 2018. He has indicated that he will be travelling for a considerable amount of time during the year and that it will be impossible for him to undertake the role that he has done. Since 2011 Gill has been the ‘bread and butter’ which has held QVC together. He has been the ‘go to person’ when someone needed assistance or advice. On behalf of the members I want to thank Gill for his untiring efforts to make QVC the leading Veterans Cricket organisation in the country.
Members have previously been advised that I will be standing down as President of QVC at the AGM, a position I have held since inception. I have taken this decision as I have been appointed President, Veterans Cricket Australia. Further to this it is time for renewal within the leadership ranks of QVC. I am very pleased to advise that Mr Keith Christiansen has accepted nomination as President at the 2018 AGM. The Management Committee will discuss all positions at its January meeting.