John Dighton

John Dighton    July, 1948 – April, 2018

John played his veteran’s cricket with Sunshine Coast region as well as representing Queensland over many years in the National Championships and at Cooper-Finlay carnivals.
John also represented Australia in a New Zealand over 6o’s tour in 2015.

One of the fittest of all QVC players, John was always giving his best, and captains always knew they had a player they could rely on.

Whether at training or in a close match, John was always chirpy and contributing.

A friendly face that will be sadly missed.

John – as all QVC players knew him.

QVC Career Matches – 43

Runs – 473   Av.- 16.89   HS- 40 no

Wickets – 27    Bowling Av. – 22.93    Best – 4/10

John and his beautiful family

Inaugural Past Players Tribute Day, 2018


 Tributes to John Dighton


It was a total shock yesterday to receive the news of John’s passing, a person of great enthusiasm and love for the game of cricket! I expect there is not one of us who played with or against John who failed to notice these qualities. Both on and off the field he was a gentleman, representing what Veterans Cricket is about. He will be greatly missed as a fellow player and friend.

I am sure John would not want us to dwell on his passing, instead he would want us to keep playing the game we love and enjoy….while we still can!

Keith Christiansen

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It was with deep sadness that I heard the news of the untimely passing of John Dighton late on Wednesday 4 April.

John had been a friend and colleague since 2011 when I first met him as a Sunshine Coast Cricket Umpire at the Maroochydore Cricket Club. I was the Sunshine Coast Cricket President and the President of Qld Veterans Cricket at that time.

John and I soon realised that we had much in common…….a great love of Cricket, lengthy careers in Education, which particularly involved the coaching and mentoring of secondary school students and we were both surrounded by understanding and supportive families.

I invited John to join the Sunshine Coast Veterans at cricket training at Maroochydore in 2011 and he became a regular participant at our Tuesday training and our cricket matches to the very end. One of our fittest and fastest players, John always had a cheeky smile and a few words of encouragement for everyone. He often starred with his commentary at our ‘warm down’ sessions held at the club canteen over a soft drink or cold beer.

A little over two weeks ago John travelled with the Qld Veterans teams to play our annual challenge matches against NSW in Coffs Harbour. As usual John was in his element. I remember speaking with him at the Meet and Greet held at the Coffs Yacht Club in the company of his Australian Touring Captain, Stirling Hamman. He was so happy reflecting on the happenings of that NZ tour. He had also toured with the Australians to England in 2012.

John loved to talk about the nuances of the game……how he had the ball swinging, where he was trying to bowl or how he had batted in a recent match. He could remember every run he scored, every ball he bowled, and how far he had run to chase every ball in the field…. in fact I am sure he is affectionately known in cricket parlance as a cricket tragic!!!!

John will be sadly missed by his cricketing friends for his good humour, gentle manner and sporting conduct. It is with a touch of irony that Saturday 7 March marks the commencement of the Qld Veterans Regional Cricket Competition, a day on which he could have been playing cricket. Some matches are being postponed as a mark of respect.

John, I am sure that you will be looking on with great interest from your heavenly abode.

Kerry Emery, OAM
Past President, Qld Veterans Cricket
President, Veterans Cricket Australia.

I extend to John’s family my deepest and sincerest condolences on behalf of our Queensland Over 70’s playing group.
John had just joined our very privileged Over 70 active players list this year. He was looking forward to being a leading player for his State and hopefully would earn a touring cap in the Australian side. I spent considerable time with John on and off the field in New Zealand in 2015 with an Aussie Over 60 team led by Sterling Hamman. John by nature loved his cricket, was outgoing, and a great team man. He was always eager to improve his present-day skills and give a helping hand where he could.
John was one of the last I spoke to at the Coffs Harbour end of day bbq. He was his cheery self and said he might catch up for dinner down the street. Unfortunately our paths did not cross.
John often spoke of his family. They will dearly miss him and so will all our cricket Over 60’s and Over 70’s.
We have some great memories of John for which we are thankful. It was our pleasure to play and socialise with him.

Ian Petherick
QVC Over 70’s Co-ordinator

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