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Life Membership Citation – GILL CHAPMAN

Gill’s long journey with cricket began with Valley Cricket Club in Brisbane. As a teenager, Gill joined the committee there, holding the position of Assistant Secretary immediately. His enthusiasm and energy were well noted at Valley where he worked tirelessly in every position at one time or another. It could easily be said that the strength of Valley today is because of the work ethic shown by Gill and a few others. It also needs to be noted that Gill played in and captained all grades at Valleys over his lengthy playing career. He was well known for having one of the sharpest minds on the cricket field. His great work for the club had him installed as a life member there over 48 years ago.

The energy shown by Gill at Valley has been carried over into Queensland Veterans Cricket. Gill, along with Lew Cooper, Kerry Emery and Ross Chapman, over the past 10 years has made this great experience of Veterans Cricket in Queensland happen. Once again Gill has been instrumental in creating the growth that we have experienced, due to Gill regularly contacting former players, whom he knew, to come back to the game. This was achieved because of Gill’s attention to detail and single mindedness in achieving results. Gill has been Vice President and chief organiser of QVC. Between 2014 and 2018, Gill organised all our regional games, which involved arranging venues, ensuring lunches were provided, contacting umpires, providing man of the match awards and distributing the cricket balls. Nowadays, Regional Coordinators perform many of these tasks.

Gill was also instrumental in organising Queensland teams at the Nationals and Cooper Finlay for several years until 2017. Gill has been a selector for Over 60s until 2017 and Over 70s for the past two years. His knowledge of each cricketer up for selection and what makes a good cricket team is highlighted by the fact that whenever he has been on a selection committee, the teams that he has helped pick have always been successful at National Championships.

Gill has represented Queensland for the past 10 years and even when he couldn’t play because of injury in 2015 at Hobart, he attended as manager of the Over 60 Division One team that won the championship that year. Gill’s ability as manager made the experience all that much easier for those who played in that team, as he well and truly took care of all off field needs. He has played at least 75 games for Queensland in that time. Gill’s thoughtful and insightful captaincy was instrumental in the Over 60 Division Two team winning their division at the Nationals in Perth in 2016.

Gill has also represented Australia on tours to England, South Africa and New Zealand where he played in 4 ODI’s and 28 tour games for Australia.

Gill’s tenacity on the field has not been lost from his Valley days. Despite a loss of speed (like all of us), Gill can read how the game is going and can anticipate each ball what is happening.

At both Valley and now with QVC, Gill would just become involved to help make things happen and never for any personal gain. If anything, it was probably at personal cost in time away from family. Gill could just see that something needed to happen, and he would just make sure it was done. Gill’s goal was to assist in developing an organisation that gave all veterans an opportunity to play the game that they love. In these endeavours, Gill leaves no stone unturned. Our organisation is where it is because of the efforts provided by Gill.

It is therefore recommended that Gill be accepted as a Life Member of Queensland Veterans Cricket.

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